Clogged Montgomery Gland

What the heck is a Montgomery gland?? I had no idea what a Montgomery gland was until I started having issues with mine.  I recall taking a shower one evening and finding a pimple-like bump on my areola. I just quickly squeezed it and went on with my shower, not thinking anything of it. So I get out of the shower and happen to get a glimpse of my boob in the mirror, and low and behold…I had, what it looked like, TWO NIPPLES! Oh my gosh, this innocent little pimple on my boob had now grown ten times its initial size.  I was clearly frightened at the sight, but thought the swelling would go down quickly. WRONG! This bump continued to grow. So I went to the doctor and she said I had a staph infection in my Montgomery gland. Just what a breastfeeding mom wants to hear when she goes to the doctor, right? I was given a topical ointment to clear the infection, along with an oral antibiotic. Her instructions to me before I left were…put this on your boob twice a day and take this antibiotic. Do NOT squeeze anymore Montgomery glands!! I took heed to her advice.

So a month or two later I get another “pimple” on my boob. I DO NOT SQUEEZE IT! Well, this thing just starts growing in size. It gets so big that my baby mistakes it for my nipple and sucks the fire out of it. Now I have one purple “nipple” (that can be seen from across the room) and one normal colored nipple. I am not going to squeeze this one, I already learned my lesson. So I called my doctor back,  she had no idea what to do except to put me back on antibiotics. I call the pediatrician…no clue. I Google…no one with this problem. La Lache League…No luck! Geez! Meanwhile, my boob is in severe pain. It’s uncomfortable to wear a bra, and even walking was painful. I tried everything I could think of. So I ended up taking a piping hot shower. I took the handheld shower nozzle and brought it down to chest level. I let the water beat the heck out of this bump. I felt a stinging pain radiating through my boob but I pressed on. Then it started to bleed and ooze an oily type substance. It was not infected, just clogged. I decided to clean it out with alcohol so it wouldn’t get infected. Whew! I haven’t had a problem since, thank God!

Some of you are probably completely disgusted. I’m really sorry. My hope is that I might be able to help that one girl out there that is suffering from a clogged Montgomery gland and can’t find anyone to help her. This is just my story and it doesn’t mean it’ll work for you, but just know that you’re not the only one that’s ever suffered from this!

The Montgomery gland’s purpose is to lubricate the nipple. It’s an amazing thing, but when they get clogged it’s not pretty! Just remember, do not squeeze it with your fingers. If it does pop, clean it out regularly until it heals.

If you have a story, I’d love to hear what you did. You never know who you might help.

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  1. erin says:

    Thanks for posting, I am also suffering from this and guess what? I already popped it:( It has a yellowish/white thick secretion coming from it. Has anyone else has this problem?

  2. Tabitha says:

    I was soooooo very happy to find this post! Thank you so much for sharing your story! My “problem” sounds slightly different then most of you, but what I am taking away from this is not to squeeze them ever again! I never knew that they could get that badly infected if you did squeeze them. And in case there is another person out there like me I want to explain what I mean by my problem sounds different.

    First I do have two children, and during my first pregnancy is when they appeared. I did NOT breast feed though. In the beginning I thought maybe it was what happened when the milk “dried up”. (I was able to produce milk, however my Dr wouldn’t allow me to breastfeed for an unrelated medical condition) But when it was still there 6 months later I was confused. And that’s when I started picking at them. And when I say them I have TONS of these bumps. I researched it after reading this and apparently it varies between woman and you can have between 4 to 28 of them, although I haven’t actually counted I’m guessing I’m maxed out. :)

    Mine have never “swelled” up to any of the sizes any of you describe. Most of the time you can’t see them but after I get out of the shower it looks like a breakout of acne all around both nipples. Almost every single one has a “small” white head, slightly larger than a regular black head on your face, but nothing enormous. So I have 40+ small ones that are always there, and always refill. Like I said I didn’t know not to pick so I was picking them almost daily for 7 years now. How lucky am I that none of them got infected????

    So in case there’s another person like me out there your not alone!

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